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Upskill Friction Kneebar Pad

Product Description

THE pad to wear for friction scums on difficult climbs. Since their release, hundreds of these pads have been sold to climbers all over the world. Thanks so much for your support, and great feedback!

In designing this pad, there were two considerations. It had to be able to be very tight fitting (to eliminate any movement on the leg) and the active surface had to be covered in sticky rubber (provide maximum friction against the rock). After many prototype iterations, we finally have a kneebar pad for rock climbing which does the job.

Why is this pad so good?

  1. One size fits all, yet can be as tight as you want it. Three sturdy velcro straps allow for fine adjustment, depending on the route and situation. If the straps are too long, cut them to size (we’ve designed it with this in mind — it won’t fray).
  2. The strap-on design allows you to fit it over long pants. No more wrestling with neoprene pads. Easy on, easy off.
  3. Durability. I’ve found I only get a few months out of a regular $30 neoprene knee brace before it is torn to shreds or falls apart. We’ve used the highest quality materials, best gluing and sewing techniques, and hard wearing rubber so this baby should last a good long while. In fact, I’ve just returned from 11 months of knee barring in Kalymnos, Rifle, Maple Canyon, Rodellar, Yangshuo, and Thailand and my pads outlasted my shoes. I’ll let you know when I finally manage to kill one.

The only thing left for you to do is decide whether or not it’s cheating. But as Dave Graham says “Knee pads are fine to use, so don’t let anyone tell you it’s stupid or unethical. I am a firm believer they are part of the Future, and do no one harm, just protect the precious skin on top of your knee.”

Fit & sizing
It’s adjustable, so fits skinny chicken legs right up to burly tree trunks. The fit is just above the kneecap, to about 20cm up the thigh.

What if you want to have your knee covered too?
We’ve found pad stacking works best. Buy our purpose-built Upskill Undersock and cinch the Friction Pad over the top. It’s awesome.

The price is for a single pad. Some people just want one, most want two, and some like to mix and match pad styles, buying one of each. Enter the number of pads you would like in the shopping cart.

“This is just awesome” — Mt Coolum crag local Matt Eaton working his 8c project
“Check this out – no hands!” — Clint on Separation Anxiety 7c+
“That’s cheating” — Mt Coolum local Matt Schimke
“Nobody has ever found that rest before!” — Nick, owner Kalandraka refugio in Gran Boveda, Rodellar, Spain

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